Perform Dry Heat Sterilization with Premium Quality Lab Hot Air Ovens

Perform Dry Heat Sterilization with Premium Quality Lab Hot Air Ovens

Dry heat sterilization means killing or removing all microorganisms, including bacterial spores, by treating the materials at high temperatures for a long period of time such as 2 to 3 hours. Lab Hot Air Oven offers the best means to sterilize the products. These ovens are used to sterilize the products that might get damaged by the moist heat or that are dense to moist heat such as petroleum products, powders, sharp instruments, etc.

Working Principle of Dry heat sterilization

using dry heat can be conducted by performing the process of conduction. The heat is absorbed by the outside surface of the material and then enters towards the center layer by layer. At a point of time, the product attains the temperature which is required to sterilize the product. Dry heating damage the microorganisms by following the process of oxidizing molecules. The essential constituents are destroyed, and the organisms will die. The temperature for performing the process of sterilization is performed for the period of at least one hour to completely clear the particles of the resistant pores.

Types of Dry-Heat Sterilizers

  • Air type and
  • Forced-air type

Static Air Type Sterilizers are the oven type sterilizers that comprise a heating coil in the bottom of the device that causes hot air to rise in the chamber with the gravity convection. This type of heating is comparatively slower than forced air type conventions where long time heating is required.

Forced-Air Type sterilizers are motor driven chambers that circulate hot air throughout the chamber at high velocity.

Benefits of Using Lab Hot Air Oven for Dry Heat Sterilization

  • These are easy to install devices and are available at low operating cost.
  • The best part of the oven is that it is non-toxic and does not harm the environment as the process of sterilization is commenced inside the chamber.
  • The device us non-corrosive for sharp metal instruments.
  • It penetrates the materials.

Presto Stantest offers high-quality Lab Hot Air Ovens with customized specifications that can be used in different industries to sterilize the different products. For more information on the instrument, contact Presto.

Technical Specifications of Presto’s Lab Hot Air Oven

  • Maximum Temperature Range : Up to 250oC
  • Resolution: 1oC
  • Power: 15A, 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
  • Display: Graphical LCD (Digital)
  • Timer: Digital, Up to 999 hrs (optional)
  • Accuracy: ± 2oC
  • Ovens up to 300oC can be offered against specific requirement