Use of Hot Air Oven in Conducting Dry Heat Sterilization

Use of Hot Air Oven in Conducting Dry Heat Sterilization

Dry Heat Sterilization is the best technique that helps in protecting the products from microbes, contaminants, and other foreign entities by generating dry heat. It is performed using hot air ovens. The ovens are used to sterilize the products that usually get damaged by moisture or moist heat such as medical tools, sharp instruments, powdered substances, petroleum products and many more.

How can we conduct dry heat sterilization?

Sterilization is achieved by conducting a test using a precisely designed testing chamber. During the test procedure, the product which is placed for sterilization absorbs the heat on the outer surface of the material and then allows the heat to enter layer by layer. After the procedure, the complete material reaches a level of required temperature to carry on the sterilization procedure easily. The process of dry heating destroy the microorganisms by oxidizing molecules and eradicate the contaminants from the material to obtain the required sterilization.

It can be performed using two different strategies:

  • Static Air Type
  • Force Air Type

The static air type is known for the sterilization using ovens that comprise of heating coils on the bottom of the device. It creates hot air inside the chambers with the help of gravity convection. This type of sterilization helps to maintain consistent temperature throughout the oven.

Force air type strategy is the technique used in most of the dry heat sterilization. This type of sterilization is also known as Mechanical Convention Sterilization. This type of sterilization comprises of the blower which moves with the help of a motor. The motor and fan of the device help to maintain an even temperature inside the chamber. Hot Air Oven works on this type of strategy.

Presto brings you an advanced model of dry heat sterilizing chamber with various features and high-accuracy performance. It is a unique test cabinet designed to detect the change in the physical characteristics of the material and to sterilize products using dry heat method.

It is equipped with temperature control mechanism using PT-100 sensor. Produces uniform temperature in the chamber. High grade imported glass wool insulation offered to reduce heat loss. Advanced digital microprocessor & PID based temperature controller installed on the machine. Generates rapid air circulation using German imported fan. The vent is provided for forced air changes and calibration facility.

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