Role of Hot Air Oven in Various Industries

Role of Hot Air Oven in Various Industries

Hot air oven is heating equipment which has various applications in industrial research and development sector. These are used in laboratories where thermal convection provided by the tool is required. They bring effects like drying, annealing, sterilising, baking etc. Laboratory Hot Air Oven is defined as a thermal processing unit that operates in lower temperature ranging below 400 degrees. These have various applications in industrial settings to perform aging, melting, soldering, curing, hot pressing of products.

Types of Hot Air Ovens

The ovens are classified according to their specifications which includes internal volume, pressure range, temperature etc. The ovens are available in a variety of types like cabinet, muffle, vacuum etc.

  • Cabinet Ovens are instruments used to process smaller quantities in one batch and are set up on the integral stand.
  • Muffle Ovens uses indirect heating where the target material is contained in an external refractory vessel.
  • Walk in configuration ovens have double doors as well as internal shelves used for the extensive requirement.
  • Laboratory vacuum ovens use a vacuum for heating and processing to remove contamination.

This laboratory furnaces come in a variety of styles that consists of ovens with forced convection, horizontal airflow and pass through machines.  These ovens are suitable for a particular range of applications in the medical clinic, laboratory etc. Cabinet and bench top ovens are the most common type of ovens compatible with a large range of requirements in various sectors.

Controlling of lab furnaces are done with a set point system. Some sophisticated models are available with a feature of programmable controls. Hot air oven manufacturers offer a various set of features which include alarms, cooling systems, air purification system, cabinets and shelves, logging system, sample holders etc. The working units provide various heat sources like induction, radio, microwave, natural gas, dielectric, propane etc. These instruments can be found in great variety with respect to size requirements such as vertical ovens offers space saving option to small laboratories.

Applications of Hot Air Oven

This highly beneficial piece of equipment is used in many applications such as

  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Hospitals
  • Textile
  • College laboratory
  • Chemical and microbiology department
  • Baking

Features of Hot Air Oven

It is an electrical operated instrument used to dry sterilise samples at temperature up to 250 degrees C. It is used for materials that are not heat sensitive and remain unaffected at high temperature like glass ware, needles, powders etc. It has double wall chamber of the device that is filled with glass wool to prevent heat loss so that chamber attains temperature up to 250 degrees C.