To Enhance The Quality of Packaging, Burst Proof Your Products

To Enhance The Quality of Packaging, Burst Proof Your Products

Business Situation in the world of Packaging

India is growing day-by-day with the growing infrastructure and economy; large numbers of goods are transported across and country and all over the world. These products are carried to multiple places in the form of corrugated boxes, cardboard cartons, and sacks. These goods face many hurdles at the time of shipment like bursting, compression, fall and drop, leakage of packets, etc. Hence, to ensure the quality of the packages, it is necessary to test the quality of the packages to make the packaging products burst proof.

Problems and Challenges faced by Packaging Industries

The products which are packed in the cartons and shipping boxes are of high value and are expensive enough. If the boxes are of the inferior quality the cartons will burst at the time of transportation due to loading and unloading, storing and warehousing.  This distortion enhances the cost of the material by 10 to 12 percent and trade returns. Moreover, it also leads to diminishing the brand image.

Solution to Measure the Strength of Products in Packaging Industries

Packaging Industries is working continuously to ensure the containers integrity to reduce the cost of packaging and, on the other hand, scientific quality check and proactive ensures that nothing will be damaged due to transportation and warehousing.  Quality testing of packages also helps to ensure that the corrugated boxes and containers are of best quality. This results in considerable saving to the packaging industries. One of the best solutions that presto offers to the manufacturers in order to test the bursting strength of corrugated boxes made up of multi-layered and single-layered fiber-boards is known as Bursting Strength Tester.