Testing Solar Panel for its Heat Resistance Quality

Testing Solar Panel for its Heat Resistance Quality

Solar electrical systems are chosen for a wide range of industries and even for residential buildings. Attributed to their low maintenance cost and long validity period of components, they are gradually gaining popularity among renewable energy options.

The parts are designed to withstand high temperature as they are exposed to direct heat and sunlight for a long duration. Manufacturers are competing over producing more tolerant and long-running solar panels. At this stage, they might require a high-quality testing chamber which can imitate such elevation of temperature in a controlled manner.

Hot air oven is one such testing chamber which is used to test the durability of solar panels and their parts at high temperature. The Touchscreen Model is an upgraded version of industrial lab ovens. It is used to inspect the physical and chemical changes of a material when exposed to elevated temperature. It helps the manufacturers to study the working life of the material in dry heat conditions. It is designed to run on the principle of thermal convection and is suitable for conducting tests like ageing, heat deformation, compression test, and heat resistance. These are some common quality tests which are performed in the industry.

The machine is equipped with German imported aero dynamical fans for uniform air circulation. It ensures that the entire chamber is heated uniformly and there are no temperature variations within the unit. An Electromagnetic door switch is installed on the Oven for auto-door lock facility. Safety measures have also been taken care of with Over Temperature alarm system. Also, the machine signals for test completion.

The Hot air oven is operated using Intuitive Graphical Menu driven system with the Touchscreen display. The HMI based display deliver a user-friendly program for setting test cycles and parameters. A highly advanced mode PT-100 sensor is fitted for accurate temperature control. High Grade imported Glass Wool insulation is offered for increasing Thermal Efficiency. The test results can be extracted using a USB port.