Use Of Edge Crush Value In Ensuring Best Quality Of Packaging Containers

Use Of Edge Crush Value In Ensuring Best Quality Of Packaging Containers

In packaging industries, the strength of the packaging materials is one of the most important concerns for the manufacturers. The manufacturers need to rest assured that they are providing the best quality and strength of the products to the customers for better safety of their products.  The Edge Crush Tester is one of the fundamental properties of the packaging materials like corrugated sheets, cardboard, etc. that gives information about the quality and strength of the packaging containers. The edge crush value of any material gives the amount of force that can be applied to the material without causing any deflection. This property is very useful in determining the sustainability of the materials during rigorous usage conditions.

For determining the edge crush value of a given material, edge crush tester is used. The specimen is placed in the test fixture, and then the test fixture is placed between the compression plates. After proper placement of the sample, the test is started. The compression plates apply a compressive force on the specimen until deflection. Once the specimen is deflected, the test stops. The maximum load applied to the specimen is recorded on the load indicator. This gives the edge crush value of the specimen.

Key Features of Presto’s Edge crush tester

  1. The electro-mechanical loading system is used for testing.
  2. The instrument has electronic controls for convenient operation.
  3. Load cell provided with the device for electronic force measurement.
  4. Can be used for performing edge, ring and flute crush test on the same machine.
  5. Different fixtures for performing ring crush tester, edge crush test and flute crush test are available with the instrument.

Technical Features of Presto’s Edge Crush Tester

  1. Maximum capacity of the machine is 100 kgf.
  2. Least count of the machine is 100 grams.
  3. The accuracy of the machine is ±1% of the entire range.
  4. The test speed of the machine is 12.5 ± 2.5 mm per minute.
  5. The machine complies with the international quality standards IS 7063.

When the edge crush value of a packaging material is determined, it not only gives the information about the quality and strength of the materials but this edge crush value can be used for calculating the box compression strength of the final packaging containers as well. The box compression value is calculated with the help of McKee’s formula which is given as


With the help of presto’s Edge Crush Tester, the packaging manufacturers can ensure that they are delivering the best quality of products to the customers that will provide the best safety to the products.