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Testing Impact Strength of Flexible Packaging Films as per ASTM D1709

The flexible packaging has revolutionized the entire market of packaging by introducing innovative ways of packing improvising the appearance and attracting customers. Additional to this they also improved the strength quality of the whole package. They are now more durable and resistant towards scuffing, drops, and sudden impacts. Manufacturers of packaging material must be one step ahead or at least be parallel with the quality standards of the current market. For which it is important that they fulfil their customer’s demands and be excellent in quality of appearance as well as strength.

To improve strength and resistance of a particular packaging film against surrounding environmental conditions, and sudden accidental impacts which can be encountered by the product, one must keep quality control and that too precision based. For instance, the most common situation which can interfere with the packaging film strength is a free falling impact. A film must sustain a defined level of the free-falling load as per their industry requirements. The strength requirement would be different for different material. It is maybe more for packaging films which are carrying medicinal products or some sensitive chemical or liquid commodities which if leaked can cause a problem for the surrounding too. And for other materials, the requirements can be of low resistance strength.

Therefore, implementing a testing system which can evaluate the impact resistance strength of packaging film with higher accuracy is important. Presto Group, the renowned name in the field of the testing instrument is coming up with an innovative testing solution specially designed for flexible packaging film, Dart Impact Tester. The equipment evaluates the accurate resistance strength of plastic packaging film using the free-falling dart mechanism.

The concept is that, when a dart of a specified weight is dropped on the specimen from a specified height, the energy it carries is absorbed by the surface of the specimen. If the surface is not strong enough to sustain the impact it will rupture and fail or else it will survive and will not be affected at all. The dart has a hemispherical shaped head which ergonomically designed. It is held above the specimen prior to dropping by a strong electromagnetic holder. The machine is designed as per international test standards and strictly adheres the related regulation of IS 2508:1984(R2003), and ASTM D1709-16A.

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