Presto’s Dart Impact Tester-Make It Ideal To Test The Strength

Features Of Presto’s Dart Impact Tester That Make It Ideal To Test The Strength Of Plastic Films

The plastic films are used extensively for the purpose packaging are one of the most widely used modes of packaging all over the industries. The manufacturers of different products need to recognize the fact that the packaging of the products needs to be of high quality and strength so that the best level of safety and quality of the products could be ensured. In addition to that, the better quality of plastic films also helps the products to appear better. Due to this, the manufacturers need to test the quality of the plastic films with the help of the most accurate testing procedures that are helpful in determining the strength of the plastic films. The dart impact tester offered by Presto is one of the most efficient and accurate testing instruments that is used for evaluation the strength of the plastic films for better quality assurance of the products.

Here is why the Dart impact tester produced by presto is one of the best instruments to ensure the best strength of the plastic films. The first characteristic of the instrument is that it strictly adheres to the standard ASTM D 1709. There are two different darts with different sizes are given with the instrument that can be used for analyzing the strength of the test specimen with different gauges and dimensions. The instrument is also equipped with an electromagnetic mechanism for holding and releasing the darts during tests so that there is no interference from during the force application on the specimen.

In addition to that, there are also additional weights provided with the instrument that can be used for exerting extra pressure on the specimen. The device also helps the users in conducting the test procedure from different heights also.

These features of the Presto’s Dart Impact Tester make the instrument the best option to test the strength of the plastic films with great accuracy and precision and ensure the best quality of the packaging for the products in different industries.