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Test The Rolling Back Tack Strength Of Adhesives

Adhesives are the significant material which is used in various industries to seal or pack the products. As adhesives are serving the need of a vast number of applications, the manufacturers of adhesives must test the strength of the adhesive material using various testing strategies and standard test methods to ensure its quality and strength.

Rolling back tack test is one the major tests which is performed in the adhesives to measure their capacity for forming a bond with the surface of another material when it come in contact with the another substrate virtually without any pressure. This type of test is performed on the adhesives to enumerate the ability and strength of the adhesives to comply quickly with the façade of another substrate. The best way to perform this test on adhesives is “Rolling back tack tester”. This standard testing equipment is introduced to execute the test on the pressure sensitive adhesives and tapes.

Testing Procedure of Rolling Back Tack Test

The device is duly incorporated with a steel ball which allows the adhesives to roll back down from a particular point to the grooved path which is inclined at a standard angle to the bottom of the platform. To perform the test, place the pressure sensitive tape at the end of the path of the platform and set in the roll back position. The roll back attains maximum speed as it goes down. The shorter the distance covered by the steel ball, the less will be the tackiness of the tape and vice versa. This test will help to judge the quality and the strength of the adhesives.

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