Test The Properties Of Bottle Lids & Caps With Secure Seal Tester

Test The Properties Of Bottle Lids & Caps With Secure Seal Tester

PET Bottle and containers are the commonly used medium of packaging as it is the safest medium that helps to maintain the quality of the products and maintain the hygiene level of the products that are directly consumed by the people such as carbonated drinks, chemicals and many more. These products require a greater level of safety and freshness so that high-quality of products can be delivered into the hands of the customers because these products are directly related to the health of the People. It is the responsibility of the producers of PET products to ensure the quality of the products to ensure that the containers can be used efficiently for various packaging applications and free from all kind of defects.

Causes of Defects in PET Bottles

The major problem which is found in these bottles is the leakage. The products that are packed in the PET bottles easily get leakage that affect the safety of the products. The Secure Seal Tester for PET Bottles is an efficient test machine which is used to check the spill proof property or leak proof property of the PET bottles. With the help of these testers, the strength of the cap seals can be judged which helps to measure the maximum pressure that a bottle can tolerate at the time of transportation and processing till it reaches the hands of the end customers.

Solution to Solve the Problems of PET Products

For highly accurate and precise test results, always buy high-quality of testing machines from reputed manufacturers. Presto Stantest, one of the leading and foremost manufacturers of PET & Preform testing machines, offers the best quality of Secure Seal Tester for PET bottles to their customers. The instrument strictly adheres to national and international standard test methods.