Test The Intact Strength Of Bottle Caps With Plastic Bottle Seal Testing

Test The Intact Strength Of Bottle Caps With Plastic Bottle Seal Testing

PET products are used in different applications in different manufacturing industries. The packaging of the products is one of the major applications of PET bottles. The PET bottles are used to pack various items such as pharmaceuticals, chemical compounds, and many critical articles. The items that are directly consumed by the users are packed in the PET bottles as they are non-reactive to any type of chemicals, safest and economical mode of packaging. PET products are used mainly to pack the liquid products. The major problem with the liquid products is that they easily get spilled out if the intact strength of the bottle caps is not up to the mark. Hence, to ensure the intact strength of the PET bottles, it is necessary to make use of Plastic Bottle Seal Testing instrument which can efficiently measure the intactness of the bottles and make the bottles leak proof.

How to Make the Bottles Leak Proof?

It is the duty of the manufacturers in PET & Preform industries to test the seal of the PET bottles in order to ensure the customers that the PET bottle is completely safe to pack any liquid product or beverages. To test the superiority of the seals of the bottle lids or caps, Presto Stantest offer the best quality of Plastic Bottle Seal Testing instrument i.e. Secure Seal Tester. Consult our Experts to know about the product in detail. The testing device helps to measure the reliability of the seals that helps to ensure that the product is best in terms of quality. The test procedure also helps to ensure that the product which is packed inside the bottle is completely safe.

Best Device to Test Bottle Cap Intactness by Presto Stantest

Presto’s Secure Seal Tester is designed as per the standards that are introduced by reputed and recognized standards authorities. The instrument is designed under the guidance of experienced technocrats. To know more about the device, visit our website www.testing-instruments.com/