Snap Button Pull Out Tester – A Boon for Garment Industry

Snap Button Pull Out Tester – A Boon for Garment Industry

The garment industry is one of the most fascinated industry to look upon and to work in. Those who are working in this industry are the real people who can address the issues they face in their routine work. Delivering a good quality garment, in right budget is the prime aim of any garment manufacturer, be it national brand or international brand or individual labels.

It is always wondered why these international brands and labels are so expensive to fit in our budget and wardrobe. The answer is very simple, Quality. From thread count of the fabric to color fastening measurement, from using high quality accessories like buttons, snaps and rivets are also a major area to focus upon.

For a layman, good stitch, nice fabric and color fastening are few parameters to judge the quality of a garment. Whereas. For an industry veteran, parameters are way different. Color matching, color precision, snap button pull out strength, pilling, bursting strength, etc. are few things to look for.

Why does snap button strength need to be measured?

For a user, all the snap buttons sound same and nobody bothers about its strength. But a reputed garment manufacturer pays close attention to it, especially for infants’ clothing. For instance, a garment worth some thousand bucks lost its snap button after 2 uses due to some pulls and pushes, the user would not be able to fix it back. This user might never invest hard earned money on this brand ever again. Hence, a bad reputation earned and a lost customer.

In the case of infants, it is even more dangerous if a snap out button is swallowed.

So, it is important to pay attention towards these petty issues. To test the strength, Snap button pull out tester can be used. Because this test cannot be conducted manually.

How to use snap button pull out tester?
A garment that is to be tested is placed on a base plate to make a tight grip of the garment. A strong gripping clamp which is further connected to push/pull gauge hold the snap button tightly with its teeth. A force of up to 20 kg can be applied on the button, depending upon its use. For instance, if it is an infant garment, up to 7 kg of force can determine the quality of button. On the other hand, for strong garments like jeans or denim shirt or leather, this force can be extended upto 20 kg.

Once the load is applied, a stopwatch calculates the time for which the button is being tested. If the button, loosen up it is unfit to use. The design of this testing machine is made in such a way that it can test snap buttons, flat buttons and toggles.