Snap Attachment Strength Of Clothes-Snap Button Pullout Tester

Measure The Snap Attachment Strength Of Clothes With Snap Button Pullout Tester

Technology is changing day by day to provide something new to the customers. The same is happening in the Textile Industry. Customers have become more fashion conscious to live a trendy  lifestyle. Production in textile industry changes quickly with the change in technology. The manufacturers in these industries always think to produce unique designs using modified materials via a different method of production. But before introducing the modified product in the market, it is mandatory to test the quality of the material and various properties that need to be improved and need to be upgraded for faster production. The testing procedure helps the manufacturer to produce high quality products by efficiently utilizing the resources.

The major problem that arises while determining the quality of the textile materials is to test the snap attachment strength of the clothes. The measurement of snap attachment strength is an important property that needs to be tested at the time of designing of garments. This process determines the uniform force that needs to be applied to pull out the button. This strength is measured with the help of a force measuring device known as Snap button Pullout Tester. It is a widely used testing instrument that help to determine the quality of the snap of a button.

Presto offers high quality Snap Button Pullout Tester. The instrument is designed and manufactured as per the standard  provided by well -known standardization authorities like ASTM, ISO, BIS. The instrument provides highly accurate and reliable test results.