Sectional Weight Analysis of Bottles in Beverage Industry

Sectional Weight Analysis of Bottles in Beverage Industry

Sectional Weight Analysis of Bottles in Beverage Industry

The success of a beverage industry depends a lot on its bottles. The quality of a bottle is determined from its stability and durability. The structural analysis of the bottles sometimes becomes a tricky task. To achieve that perfectly balancing structure, manufacturers compromise with the design and aesthetics. But with appropriate testing, good design and quality, both can be achieved. Sectional weight analysis tells a lot about the balancing of the bottle. While designing the structure, experts set some weight standards for each section of the body. If there is a disparity in the section weight, the end result might topple.

Beverage industry invests a huge sum of money to assure the quality of the bottles. Preforms and PET bottles, both undergo a different type of testing procedures to make flawless bottles. If the quality of the bottles is not as per the standards, it may lead to the failure of the products packed inside. This invites negative feedback from the customers, leaving a bad impact on the brand. And this involves a huge cost of wastage and rejection. Thus, to cut down all these, sectional weight analysis of bottles is done using hot wire bottle cutter.

Why is Sectional Weight Important? 


To estimate the quality of the bottles, the testing procedure includes sectional weight analysis. This is done prior to mass production, on the sampled bottle. This is a destructive test and sample is absolutely useless after the testing. In this test, the bottle is cut into 3-4 parts, depending upon the size. Ideally, every section should have a uniform distribution of weight. To analyse the uniform distribution, it is important to cut the bottle perfectly into sections without any deformity. The shape and size of every section should be uniform. Any deformation may lead to the inaccurate test results.

Hot Wire Bottle Cutter to analyze the weight of each Section of Bottles

Presto offers a very simple but important instrument, hot wire bottle cutter for precise cutting of bottles. The temperature of wires is increased to a level where they can cut the bottles easily. The wires attached to the frame are made to pass through the bottle by cutting them. The sections are then taken out and weighed. The observations are matched with the internal standards defined by the experts. If there is any disparity in the weight, the design can be reconsidered.

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