Ross Flexing Tester – Best To Test The Flexural Strength

Ross Flexing Tester – Best To Test The Flexural Strength

Presto’s Ross Flexing Testing Machine is the most significant testing device which is widely used in rubber industries. The instrument is basically used to test the flexing resistance of the synthetic vulcanized material, especially in shoe soles.

Flexing Resistance is the vital characteristic which is used to determine the ability of the shoe soles that can resist damage and cracks due to rapid and continuous flexing. This strategy helps to ascertain the lifespan of the shoes with rigorous usage.

The Ross Rubber Flexing Tester is designed to comply with all the standards like ISO 4643 and ASTM D 1052. The instrument is designed to develop cracks in the rubber material through continuous flexing to measure the strength of the rubber products and to determine the ability of the rubbers to bear the flexing in actual usage. The testing equipment is designed in such a manner that six specimens can be tested together at one time. The users can also go for the models with the capacity to test twelve samples together.

Specification of Presto’s Ross Flexing Tester

The instrument is provided with the flexing rods  at an angle of 90 Degree Celsius. The rod has a diameter of 3/8. The equipment is equipped with six specimen holders. The instrument is also equipped with the six-digit of digital counter that displays highly precise test results. The customers can request for upgraded model of the machine with a capacity of 12 testing specimens. To know more consult our experts.