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Test The Strength & Elasticity Properties Of Rubbers With Ross Flexing Machine

What is Ross Flexing Tester?

Ross Flexing is the amazing and useful testing device which is used in rubber manufacturing industries to measure the elastic properties of the rubbers. The testing machine is widely used to measure the flexing resistance of rubbers to cracks.  The instrument us used to measure the quality of the vulcanized rubbers like shoe soles etc. The flexing resistance is the important property of rubbers that explains the ability of the rubber products like shoe soles to resist crack due to continuous and quick flexing. This testing machine helps the users to determine the actual working life of the rubbers with rough usage.

Best Testing Solution for Flexibility Measurement – Presto’s Ross Flex Machine

Presto Stantest, a leading manufacturer of testing machines, offers best and premium quality of Rubber Testing Instruments. Ross Flexing machine is one such production of Presto that helps the manufacturers to measure the quality of the Rubbers. The apparatus is designed in strict compliance with the standards such as ASTM D1052 and ISO 4643. The machine is designed to create cracks in the product by providing under frequent and repeated flexural force in order to determine that how much flexural forces a rubber can tolerate during its actual usage. The testing machine is designed to test six test samples together. Presto offers the device to the customers with the customized specifications. Hence, if the user wants to test 12 sample together in a given period of time, Presto offers the upgraded model too on customer’s request.

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