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Requirement Of Determining The Melt Flow Rate Of Plastics

Plastics are used in numerous applications.  Because of its versatile nature, it offers various alternatives to a large number of materials like metals, glass, etc. There are various factors that force the manufacturers to make use of plastics instead of any other type of material. Plastics are used because of its molecular structure that helps to mold the plastics in any shape and size. Moreover, plastics offer better strength  as compared to papers, cardboards, and glasses, it will show any negative effect in opposite environmental conditions. Plastic bottle and containers are non-reactive to almost all type of chemicals. Hence, it is widely used in pharmaceutical industries and stores to store various types of medicines and chemical. The main advantage of the plastic container is that they are available in numerous shapes and sizes which help the customers to identify the products easily.

To provide a high quality of plastic products to the customers, it is mandatory for the manufacturers to test the quality of the plastics. There are various properties that help to judge  that the quality of the plastics is of best quality like, melt flow rate, the effect of ecological factors on plastics, the tensile strength of plastics and many more.

Melt Flow Index is a basic test method which is widely used to test the viscosity of the plastic granules and the flow rate of plastics. Presto offers a high quality of melt flow index testers. The machine offered by presto strictly adheres to national and international standard test methods. The instrument offers highly reliable and accurate test results.

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