Melt flow index tester beneficia-plastic manufacturing industries

How Is Presto’s Melt Flow Index Tester Beneficial For Plastic Manufacturing Industries?

In today’s manufacturing scenario, plastic products play a significant role. Almost all the manufacturers in their production units are utilizing the plastic products in one or another way. Due to these demands and wide usage, the manufacturers of plastic products commence huge production projects to fulfill the requirement of various clients in different industries. With the increasing rate of production, it becomes essential for the manufacturers to assure the quality of the material at every stage of manufacturing process. This is the only way that ensures zero defects in the products, to offer only high-quality of products to the customers. This also helps to build a strong customer base.

Process of Calculating MFI Rate

In plastic manufacturing industries to produce high-quality of plastic products, firstly the quality of the granules or resins is assessed. The granules are tested to calculate the melt flow rate of the plastics when they are heated to a certain temperature. This explains the molecular structure of the plastics and viscosity of the plastics. It is important for the manufacturers to test the MFI of granules, to measure the attributes of the granules. Melt Flow Index, MFI tester is used in industrial laboratories to offer the Melt Flow Index of the Plastics.

Presto Stantest offers best testing solutions to the manufacturers of different production verticals to set their testing laboratories and to measure the quality of the plastics. The instrument is provided with the instruction manual and calibration certificate that ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results. To know more about Melt Flow Index Tester for Sri Lanka, visit: