Quality Assurance And Health Safety With Pharmaceutical Testing Instrument

Quality Assurance And Health Safety With Pharmaceutical Testing Instrument

Pharmaceutical Testing Instrument

The pharmaceutical industry plays a significant role in the health benefits of people. The industry is responsible for developing and marketing the drugs for use in medications. The medicines are used by applying directly to the body in the form of gel, cream, or power, and also consumed or swallowed in the form of tablets or capsules. There are several options to consume a medicine, by chewing, crushing, breaking apart or by dissolving. The tablets and capsules must have enough capability to resist the transport, packaging processes, and handling. The repeated testing procedures and inspection methods are performed to know the impact of various conditions. The rate of absorption, flow, and spreadability of lotions, creams and ointments are critical for cosmetic as well as pharmaceutical products. The smoothness and texture also reveal about the quality of the products. The medical and health products are tested in each cycle from opening the container to dispensing. The pharmaceutical testing equipment helps to provide comprehensive test solutions. 

Types of Tests that can be performed on Pharmaceutical Products

  • Compression test is done for tablets to evaluate the hardness and resistance to damage when being packed or transported. The force required to crush the tablets is evaluated to determine if it breaks easily due to mishandling at the time of shipment. The ointments and creams spreadability and application ability are also checked as well as the forward extrusion of creams and gels are also important.
  • The forward and backward extrusion test is performed for creams, masks, shampoos, etc.
  • The penetration and puncture tests are performed on solid tables to test the hardness. The test helps to evaluate the hardness and crush resistance. The throat lozenges dissolving properties are also checked.
  • Tension test is performed to check the stickiness of gels and ointments.
  • The shear test, bend test, and breaking tests are performed for big tables to test the effort that is required to break them. The snapping force of tablets is also critical.
  • The rupture test of soft gel capsules is widely used by the manufacturers. This is the type of hardness testing that is used to measure the film strength or bursting strength of the soft gelatin capsule.
  • The appearance, shape, thickness, size, gloss, and color are also important to facilitate packaging of the tablets.

The packaging and storage are vital factors for the safety of the medicines. The plastic containers and glasses must be tested to prevent absorption of excessive moistures. The pharmaceutical testing instruments are critical for testing and improving the quality of the medicines.