Best thickness to the pet bottles by bottle wall thickness gauge

Provide The Best Thickness To The Pet Bottles By Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge Testing

PET bottles and containers are used in numerous industries to serve the purpose of packaging of different solid and liquid products. The major use of the PET bottles is packaging of liquids products, chemical, beverages, etc. The producers of these products need to offer high-quality of products to their customers to offer best quality product with best level of hygiene. The packaging of the products plays a vital role to ensure the quality of the products by storing the products safely in the PET bottles to make them unaffected by the various environmental factors. Therefore, the producers must ensure that the quality of the PET bottles that are provided to the customers is best so that they can offer best level of safety to the products also.

Magnamike – Best for Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge Testing

The wall thickness of the PET products has a substantial effect on the strength of the PET products. Hence, it is necessary to ensure the thickness of the walls of these bottles so that best level of protection can be provided to the bottles as well to the product which is packed inside. Magnamike 8600 is one of the best testing equipments that are used for bottle wall thickness gauge testing. The instrument works on the principle of Hall’s Effect.

Solution by Testing for Bottle Testing

Presto Stantest is an authorized dealer of Wall Thickness Gauges. Presto offers this instrument to the manufacturers of PET and Preform products. The Magnamike 8600, offered by Presto offers highly accurate and reliable testing results. The device is designed keeping in mind all the standards that are provided by national and international standardization authorities.