Problems Faced by Manufacturers in Plastic Industries

Problems Faced by Manufacturers in Plastic Industries

Problems Faced by Manufacturers in Plastic Industries

Use of Plastics in Different Industries

Plastics nowadays has become a major material of choice and considered as the best solution to fulfill the requirement of various applications due to its numerous features like versatility,

moisture resistance properties, non- corrosive, molding capacity, chemical and physical strength, easy process ability, economic viability, durability in all environmental conditions, attractiveness and many more.

The major use of the plastic products is in packaging industry, construction and building industry and also in manufacturing electrical accessories, pipes, housewares, fittings, consumer goods, furniture, toys and to produce various items that are used in all spheres of life. This shows that plastic industry plays a significant role in influencing the progress of all manufacturing units.

Major Problems in Plastic Industries

To fulfill the demand of a vast number of people, the manufacturers in plastic industries need to produce the plastic goods in bulk. To fulfill the demand of the consumers with massive production, manufacturers sometimes neglect the quality of the products. This creates many quality defects and errors in the products like

  • Melt Flow Rate
  • Tensile strength
  • Leakage,
  • Compression,
  • Defect in shape and size,
  • Uneven thickness of the material, and many more.

These problems lead to the rejection of the entire lot. Hence, the manufacturers need to assure the quality of the manufactured goods at each level of production. This can be done by using high quality of standardized plastic testing instruments.

Solutions for Plastic Testing by Presto

Presto Stantest manufactures a wide array of plastic testing instruments to detect the flaws that occurs while manufacturing plastic goods. These instruments work as a major weapon to evaluate the problems during manufacturing and help to rectify them by material testing at every level of production. 

The list of machines that Presto offers include Melt Flow Index Tester, Tensile testing machine, hot air oven and many more.  These instruments are designed on the basis of the standard test methods provided by reputed standardization authorities. These testing machines offer highly accurate and repeatable test results. For more information on testing devices, consult our experts.