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Performing ESCR Assessment on Plastic Components

Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for plastic parts and components in various vertical. Use of polymer made parts can be often seen in automotive exteriors, interiors and even in the inside engine section. In other types of industries polymers are also used for other purposes. Beside the fact that they are used in several applications, they are prone to environmental damages if the quality is not good. Poor quality of polymer with long duration of sunlight or other environmental factors cause the plastic parts to stretch out and may develop a crack.

To avoid such situations it is important to first test the sample plastic material manufactured under environmental stress and see if they fail too early or sustain the conditions for a bit long. ESCR or Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance Tester is a highly unique and advanced design test equipment which is used to estimate the quality of plastic and examine the sustainability of polymer under stressful conditions.

The equipment is used to determine any sort of physical change occurring in the specimen at a stressing environment and can also be helpful in observing the working behaviour of the specimen. Tensile stress is a very important property found in plastic but as per their application, the requirement in quantity changes. The machine design and functions follows ASTM D1693-15 test standard which is globally acclaimed. The test results coming from the test machine can be accepted worldwide. This helps in dealing with import export of your products tested with Presto’s reliable machineries.

The standard defines the test method used for testing plastic and specially ethylene plastic material for its environment stress cracking property. The chamber allows a temperature control with PID controller. A uniform amount of temperature is maintained inside the chamber for more accurate results. The temperature control is based upon microprocessor program. The temperature display has a provision of showing the set value and process value. The chamber also allow to tune in the machine prior testing through the use of auto calibration feature. Has an integral water drain system with stirrer motor to stir up the internal built conditions.

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