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Determine the effects of Environment on Products using ESCR

The mechanical property of environmental stress cracking is a significant performance feature which occurs on the polyethylene product like wire and cable insulation, flexible and rigid containers and pipe or conduit. 

It has been observed that by adding the elastromeric material  to the polyethylene can enhance the resistance of polyethylene products to stress cracking. But the information on this subject is comparatively limited. The environmental stress cracking resistance test is performed usually to determine various rubber variables that affect the cracking performance of polyethylene that changes due to environmental stress. Estimation of a series of cross linking polymers specifies that the superior the molecular weight  of the polymer, the more effective will be its performance as a stress crack additive. The effect of environmental elements also affects various properties of the polyethylenes like stiffness,  melt index, chemical resistance, permeability, impact strength and brittle point temperature.

To check the cracking resistance of rubber goods, Environmental Stress cracking resistance tester is the best testing instrument. Presto Stantest,  a well-known manufacturer of rubber testing instruments, design and manufactures high-quality ESCR tester. The lab testing instrument is designed to determine the effect of environment on plastic containers and other polyethylene products. The instrument strictly adheres to various standards like ASTM, ISO, BIS etc. The machine offers highly reliable and accurate results.

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