Hot Air Ovens for Sterilization

Hot Air Ovens for Sterilization

What does the term sterilization mean?

Sterilization is a process that removes the germs, small contaminants such as bacteria, virus, microbes and much more that are usually found on the surface of material. The process of sterilization can be done by means of irradiation, high pressure, chemicals, heat, etc.

How to Perform Sterilization?

Sterilization is performed on biological products to remove the dust particles from the materials and to keep them clean and hygienic. The process of sterilization is performed on medical equipment such as scissors, cutters and other surgical products that are used during operations by the doctors. Moreover, this process is also performed in PET industries to sterilize the PET bottles in which certain chemical and expensive liquids are packed. To perform the sterilization high-quality testing machines are used, and sufficient amount of temperature is created by the machines to perform sterilization. The process also helps to determine the effect of hot ecological conditions and aging on the products. The hot weather of the instruments that are created inside the testing laboratories helps the manufacturers to determine the quality of the product, the effect of ecological conditions and impact of aging on the products in a short time period.

To evaluate the attributes and physical properties of the material a sample of the material is kept underdetermined test conditions and high temperature and subsequently cools down to room temperature to examine the effect of temperature on the material. The process of sterilization can be performed easily with Hot Air Ovens.


What is Hot Air Oven?

Hot Air Ovens are the electrical devices that are used in medical products manufacturing industries, PET industries, and rubber industrial and in various crucial sectors to sterilize the products using dry heat. The instrument works as per dry heat sterilization to sterilize the products effectively. The instrument can be operated easily up to 300 degree Celsius to sterilize the products. The testing instrument is also known by the name thermostat that controls the temperature of the chamber efficiently. The device is designed with high-quality digital panels to control the temperature of the chamber digitally. The testing machine is equipped with the double wall glass wool insulation that helps to conserve the energy of the machines and to maintain sufficient level of heat inside the chamber. The testing machine is widely used in medical industries, hospitals and testing laboratories to sterilize the medical products.

How to operate Hot Air Oven?


Hot Air Ovens works on the principle of fine quality air convections in highly heated electrical chambers. The testing machine comprises a double wall chamber with an automatic controlling unit that helps to maintain the even required temperature in the chamber. Once the temperature reaches the set temperature value, the temperature falls down to the preset state so that the door of the chamber can be opened easily to take the sample out. It is a highly economical device that operated the heating and drying easily to analyze the behavior of aging on the samples and to determine the quality of the products. The best part of the instrument is that it does not produce any noises. To know the technical specification of the testing instrument click here.

Working Procedure of Hot Air Oven


Hot Air Oven works on the foundation of the Hot Air which is created inside the chamber due to forced air circulation. It is a practical fact that the hot air inside the chambers first rises up and once it reaches the top of the device, it came back to the bottom of the chamber. The motor and the circulating fans of the machine helps to create an even temperature throughout the chamber and help to achieve optimum temperature inside the oven. After heating the sample inside the oven for at least two hours, the sample is cooled down and removed from the oven for respective use.

If you want high-quality of testing machines, always buy it from a reputed manufacturer who can offer highly standardized test machine.

Presto Stantest offers high-quality of Hot Air Ovens to different production verticals such as pharmaceuticals, medical laboratories, rubber testing labs, plastics and PET industries, etc. the lab testing machine is designed as per the standards such as ASTM D 5427 – 09(2014) . Presto offers a wide range of Hot Air Ovens that are designed with different specifications to fulfill the requirement of sterilization.


Technical Specification of Hot Air Ovens

  • Outer body – Mild Steel
  • Inbuilt Auto tuning function
  • Insulated with imported mineral glass wool
  • Feather touch controls
  • Microprocessor based PID temperature controller cum indicator
  • Provision to set PV and SV value
  • Special T/P action to ensure temperature from overshooting
  • Bright LED display
  • Highly accurate test results
  • Maximum Thermal Efficiency by means of insulation
  • Digital Preset Timer
  • Provision of Set Time & Process time