Peel Tester for Adhesion Testing

Peel Tester for Adhesion Testing

Importance of Packaging

Packaging industry plays a significant role as it offers highly safe and durable packaging products to all production verticals and helps to serve the packaging requirements of all the manufacturers of different production verticals.

Why are Packaging Materials Required?

Packaging significantly affects the appearance of the products. If the packaging is not perfect, it can greatly influence the products that are packed inside. The packaging not only affects the quality and appearance of the products but also affect the buying behaviour and decision of the products. With so many benefits and effects of packaging products, it becomes mandatory for the manufacturers to ensure the quality of the packaging materials so that the safety and quality of the products that are packed inside can be ensured and 100% satisfaction can be offered to the customers.

How can Quality of Packaging be Measured?

The quality of the packaging materials can be measured by applying several tests on the packaging materials to ensure the properties of the packaging product that majorly contributes towards the quality of the product. There are many testing instruments that are used to test the quality of these packaging products.

Peel/Bond Strength – Major Property of Packing Adhesives


One of the major properties that badly affects the quality of the packaging products is a bond strength. One of the well-known packaging product which is used to create strong bond strength between two materials is adhesive tapes. These tapes are used to create the sufficient amount of bond among the adhesive materials and the substrate to which it is applied. Adhesives tapes are used in all verticals to pack the containers firmly and to create sufficient amount of stickiness or tact the adhesive materials to ensure the durability of the products.

Effect of Poor Peel/Bond Strength on Products

If the bond strength or tactness of the adhesives is not good in terms of quality, it will directly disturb the quality of the packaging and can lead to product damage. The quality of the adhesives can be measured by performing several tests on the products which are mandatory to conduct to ascertain the quality of the product. This test helps the manufacturers to manipulate their decision of buying adhesive for various packaging applications. The viscoelastic property of the adhesives is dependent on the strain rate of adhesive products and on different test parameters. One of the common tests which are performed on adhesives in testing laboratories to ascertain the quality of the adhesives is Peel Test. The peel test is performed to determine the strength required to separate the adhesives from the substrates.

How to perform the peel test?

To perform the peel test, a very thin substrate such as metal foil is pasted to a rigid substrate which is further clamped to a rigid base. A force is then applied from the particular angle on the strip to separate both the materials in the opposite direction. This indicates that the measurement of peel depends on the angle of peel, the force which is required to peel the sample from the plate is depended on the viscoelastic properties of the adhesive and helps to judge the strain rate of adhesives. Peel test is performed from a different angle such as 90 degree, 180 degree, etc.

Relation between Thickness of Adhesives and Peel Strength 


The thickness of adhesives plays a significant role that affects the peel strength of the adhesives. It also depends on the properties of the adhesives. With adhesives, the elastomeric behaviour and thick bond required a huge amount of force to peel the adhesives from the substrates.  The rigid adhesives or adhesives with thin bond require less force to peel the adhesive from the substrate.

Peeling of the material helps to measure the young modulus or stiffness of the substrates that explains the thickness of the two substrates that are provided under peel test. The pressure which is applied on the sensitive tapes has the noteworthy effect that helps to study the peeling strength of the tapes. Peel test is the best testing machine which is used to test the adhesion strength of the bonded substrates that offers highly reliable and accurate test results.

Peel Strength Tester – To Perform Peel Test


Peel Strength Tester is widely used testing machine which is used in different packaging products manufacturing industries to test the bond or adhesive strength of self-adhesive products such as tapes, labels and many more. The adhesive products are tested to measure the maximum amount of force that an adhesive material requires to leave another substrate on which it is applied. Peel Strength Test is one of the best testing machines which are used to measure the bonding strength of the packaging materials. The test is performed to ascertain the bond strength of the adhesives even in tough working conditions.