Beesley Balance – Outstanding Solution To Know The Yarn Count

Beesley Balance – Outstanding Solution To Know The Yarn Count

Beesley Balance

One of the major factors of the fabrics among the various properties to judge the quality and strength of the textile materials is the yarn count of the fabrics. The yarn count is measured only by knowing the weight and the length of the particular fiber. There are different units which are used to express the yarn count of fabric namely, Tex, Denier, Cotton count and many more.

It is necessary for every manufacturer in textile industries to know the exact yarn count of the particular fiber to judge the quality of the fabrics and textile products. Moreover, the yarn count factor is also very helpful for the manufacturers in textile processing industries. It helps to determine the actual process which is required for a good finish to process high-quality fabrics in the manufacturing units. This can be done with the help of high quality of laboratory testing instruments. The best testing machine which is used to measure the exact yarn count of the fibers is Beesley balance.

Beesley balance is the widely used testing equipment which is equipped with light weight beam which is rotated on a small ball-bearing. The beam is designed with the hook on the first end and a pointer on another end. Different methods are used to calculate the yarn count of the fibers, and this mainly depends on the type of the fiber which is available. To know the technical specification of the product, Consult Our Experts.

Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd., a world’s famous supplier, manufacturer and exporter of testing instruments offer a high quality of Beesley balance to know the exact count of the yarn. The instrument offers highly accurate results.