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On Which Principle is Bottle Top Load Test is based

In order to assure a high-quality production process in the case of PET bottles, the top-load test is applied in many industries. It checks the quality and provides a scope of improvement so that the final product can withstand maximum external vertical load on them and do not easily buckle or crack. The forces which can make them damage themselves are experienced by during the transportation of when storing in the shelf areas of the supermarket. Also when the production process is going on the bottles are rotated they are capped and what not due to which they can experience such type of load. In this post, we will shower some more light on the working principle of Top load tester.

The PET bottles are the most demanded material in the packaging industry. And so they are also expected to be the toughest of them all. They must provide good quality packaging to the content inside. If a particular bottle does not satisfy the testing process and is of poor quality they can face content leaking, easy break down of materials, wastage of products, and a huge loss in income.


Falling brand reputation or get damaged due to environmental conditions. The commonly stacked package in the world is the PET bottle or containers, which is why they are preferred to be the strongest material while facing vertical load and do not get damaged easily.
The machine, top load tester, has a very important place in the quality assurance department of the PET industry. They test the production line quality and the final product as well. Presto bottle top-load testers offer a hassle-free technology to test the bottles with a highly standardised setup. The machine is fully automated and produces a range of vertical load to test distinct mode of compression on PET bottles.

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