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Modern Way To Determine The Percentage Of Carbon Black Content In Polyethylene

What is Carbon Black Content in Plastics Materials?

Carbon black content is usually found in most effective stabilizers of plastic materials when the quality of the plastics degrades due to weathering and light. This stability is quite important when the material is exposed to various weathering conditions and sunlight over an extended period of time like an electrical cable, plastic pipes and many more. The study of the correlation between the carbon black surface and plastics is important to determine the stability of the material in different working conditions.

How can carbon black content be measured?

The best way to measure the presence of carbon black content in plastic materials is “Carbon Black Content apparatus”. Carbon Black Content Apparatus is the widely used testing instrument which is used to measure the actual percentage of carbon black content in other plastic and polyethylene materials. The test is performed on the plastic materials in which percentage of carbon content in samples is presented in a free state. As per given standard test procedures to measure the percentage of carbon black content in samples, it is measured by judging the difference in the weight of test specimen before and after the  test procedure. To know more, click at Carbon Black Content Apparatus .

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