ASTM D1603 – 14 Standard For Determining Carbon Black Content

ASTM D1603 – 14 Standard For Determining Carbon Black Content

The ASTM D1603-14 is a standard test method used to determine the carbon black content of polyethylene compounds (if so required). The information is beneficial to the technical service, manufacturing quality control, and research purpose. The test method provides the information useful for the various material specifications and for calculating the optical absorptivity.

The test method includes the evaluation of carbon black content in polyethylene, polypropylene and polybutylene plastics. The use of acrylic or other polar monomer modifications is not recommended as it might affect the accuracy.

Do not use this test method:

  • For composition containing non-volatile pigments or fillers other than carbon black
  • For materials containing brominated flame retardant additives at the end

During the testing procedure, a known weight of the sample is placed into a weighed combustion boat and then placed in a 600°C tube furnace under a dry oxygen-free nitrogen purge. After a set time, the combustion boat is cooled (with burn residue) and then weighed. The combustion boat is kept in a 600°C muffle furnace to oxidize the carbon residue, once the carbon is oxidized, the boat is cooled and weighed. The ASTM D1603 standard test method uses tube furnace, muffle furnace, combustion boat, flow meter, etc.

Carbon Black Dispersion Test Apparatus Complies with ASTM D1603

Presto designs and manufactures the Carbon Black Dispersion Test Apparatus to determine the carbon black dispersion. The instrument complies with ASTM D1603-1 standard, which is now superseded and ASTM D-1603 -14 is active. The apparatus has a 6-inch microscope with 100x and 450x magnification power. The temperature range is adjustable between ambient and 200 degree Celsius. The machine has an eight-inch diameter hot plate. The tool is widely used by the plastic industry.

Carbon Black Content Apparatus Complies with ASTM D-1603 -14

Presto designs and manufactures the Carbon Black Content Apparatus to determine the Carbon Black content in polyethylene and polypropylene materials. The instrument complies with ASTM D-1603 -14 and is applicable to samples where carbon is in a free state.  The difference in the weight of the remaining sample before and after treatment in the apparatus is measured to determine the carbon black content in the specimen. The instrument is equipped with a nitrogen flow meter and a full set of glass parts. The apparatus includes tubular furnace made of mild steel in which temperature is adjustable from ambient to 1150°C. Since the operating voltage of heater is relatively low, means the furnace is long lasting.