Viscosity of plastics is now become easy-melt volume rate tester

Measuring Viscosity Of Plastics Is Now Become Easy With Melt Volume Rate Tester

Plastic is a major component which is used on a large scale to produce domestic as well as industrial products. With the increasing use of plastics, it becomes mandatory for the manufacturers to make use of only best and premium quality of goods and raw materials to produce the only best quality of products. This is possible by selecting best quality of products and testing the products at every level of production. The process of testing can be commenced only with the best quality of the material.

Many testing equipments are used in the testing laboratories of Plastic industries such as MFI Tester, Tensile tester, Accelerated Ageing Oven and many more. Out of the available range of machines that are used to enhance the quality of the products, MFI Tester is the best testing instrument.

Importance of Melt Volume Rate Tester

The testing device is used to measure the flow properties of the molten plastics. It is supplied with various standard accessories such as an orifice, piston, weights and many more to perform the test procedure efficiently. The testing device is designed as per the standard test methods that are introduced by various national and international authorities. To ascertain the quality of the plastics appropriately, it is necessary to buy the testing machine from a reputed manufacturer who can deliver all the qualities in one.

Solution of Plastic Testing by Presto

Presto Stantest manufactures premium quality of test machines to solve all quality related issues. These are used by the manufacturers in their industries and testing laboratories for doing research work and for assuring the quality of their products. Presto offers two models of Melt Volume Rate Tester i.e. Deluxe model & Next Generation Model. Both the models are used to measure the MFR of the plastics. To know in detail about the product, visit: