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Measure the Exact Viscosity of Plastic Granules with MFI

Plastics play a prime role in today’s world of Industrialization. Most of the industries are utilizing the plastics in one or another form for a wide number of applications. Due to the wide usage and high demand of plastics in different production verticals, the manufacturers produce the plastics in bulk to fulfill the demand of a large number of customers. With the high rate of production, the number of flaws also increases; hence, it is mandatory and a prime duty of the manufacturers to test the quality of the granules before using it to produce the final product. The quality of the plastic resins can be determined by its rate of viscosity and melting rate. The melt flow rate of the plastic resins and its quality can be determined only by using high-quality of testing machines that are highly standardized and offers precise, standardized results.


The best testing device which is used to determine the quality of the granules is Melt Flow Index tester. The testing instrument is best enough to determine the actual quality of the material. The device comprises of a cylindrical cavity heating barrel in which 5 grams of granules are inserted at a specific temperature and poked inside for the molten state of the plastic. The MFI of the plastics is calculated with the following formula:

MFI = Rate of Flow of Plastic (In Grams) / 10 Minutes

Presto Stantest offers a wide variety of MFI testers with different specifications and different controlling system to fulfill the demand of the customers as per their convenience. The instrument is designed as per the standards that are given by highly standardized authorities such as ISO 1133, ASTM D1238 . For more information, contact our experts.

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