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Know The Quality Of Your Coatings With Conical Mandrel Bending Tester

Paint and plating play a vital role in many industries to define the quality as well as the appearance of the products. Appearance of the product is a major factor that affects the buying decisions of the customers.

Better appearance of the products is normally associated with better quality of the products. Due to this reason, there is a big responsibility on the paint and plating manufacturers as it is responsible to enhance the appearance of the products. Additionally, the paint and other coatings also keep the product safe and protected from external effects such as corrosion. In order to ensure that the quality of the paint and plating provided to the customers, the manufacturers use various quality testing instruments that are very efficient in quality testing of the coatings for best quality assurance. One such instrument is Conical Mandrel Bending Tester.

The conical mandrel bending tester is a highly precise and efficient testing instrument which is used for testing of the paint and coatings when the substrate is subjected to a bending force. The instrument helps in accurate study of the effects such as cracking, peeling etc on the coating under bending force. Presto offers highly precise and accurate Conical Mandrel bending testers that are widely used by industries and are very efficient in providing the best test results to the users according to the quality standards set by authorities such as ASTM and ISO.

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