Inspect The Alignment Of Preforms With Bottle Preform Perpendicularity Tester

Inspect The Alignment Of Preforms With Bottle Preform Perpendicularity Tester

PET products are used in various production verticals to fulfill the purpose of packaging and bottling of the different consumable products. These products are widely used in food industries, drinks and bottling plants, pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing industries and many more. All the mentioned application in PET industries are highly critical that requires only best quality of packaging products such as PET bottles to ensure the safety of the products and to maintain the level of hygiene of the products that are packed inside.

Factors Affecting Quality of Preforms

The qualities of these bottles are dependent on the Preforms. The perfect quality of preforms can help the manufacturers to produce perfect PET bottles. There are many attributes that explain the quality of the Preforms such as balancing, transparency, leakage, perpendicularity, and many more. Among the numerous attributes, the shape and perpendicularity of the preforms explain the quality of the PET products. If the perpendicularity of the Preforms is not appropriate, it will affect the balancing of the PET bottles as well, and it will be considered as a major quality flaw in the quality of the bottles.

Perpendicularity Tester – To produce Perfectly Straight Preforms

This attribute can be inspected efficiently with the help of high-quality of testing machine i.e. Bottle Preform Perpendicularity Tester. The instrument is used in PET & Preform industries to test the alignment of the Preforms so that only best quality of PET products can be produced.

Presto Stantest is a world’s famous manufacturers of high-quality of Bottle Preform Perpendicularity Tester that offers highly accurate and appropriate test results to the users about the perpendicularity of the preforms. The testing machine is designed as per the standards that are introduced by the recognized authorities to test the perpendicularity of the bottles.