How to Test Vacuum Leak Testing?

How to Test Vacuum Leak Testing?

PET Containers such as bottles, jars are widely used for various packaging purposes in different industries. The PET bottles are used mainly in pharmaceutical industries to pack the medicines and syrups safely. Just like normal packaging materials and thermoplastics, a PET container does not release any toxic chemicals when they directly come in contact with heat or high temperatures. Hence, they are considered as the best packaging products. With an extensive requirement of PET products in different industries, it becomes essential for the manufacturers to produce the Pet products in bulk quantity which sometimes lead to neglecting of the quality of the products.

Important Concern for PET Bottle Manufacturers

Maintaining the quality of the PET products is a primary & major concern for the manufacturers to hold the customers for a longer period of time. There are many problems that arise with PET bottles. Hence, it is necessary to test the quality of the materials before packaging or bottling the products in these containers. Inferior quality of containers will not only affect the quality of the products but can also lead to fatal accidents and lethal consequences if chemicals are packed inside. Therefore, it is the prime responsibility of the manufacturers to test the strength and quality of PET bottles so that only best quality products can be delivered to the customers.

Testing Device for Measuring Bottle Intactness

One of the widely used testing devices which are used to measure the intactness of PET bottles is Vacuum Leak Tester. A testing machine is an effective tool that helps to test the leakage properties of the PET bottles. The testing device uses a highly pressurized vacuum to test the integrity of PET bottles. In this manner, the manufacturers can test that the product will remain fresh and safe for a long period of time. Moreover, this test method helps to prevent any sort of spillage.

How to Perform Vacuum Leak Test?

The test procedure is commenced by placing the test sample in its place, and then a prescribed amount of vacuum is created. After the vacuum is generated, the bottle is inspected for the formation of bubbles. If there are bubbles seen during the test procedure, it means that the bottles have leakage issue otherwise it is fine. With the help of vacuum leak testing devices, the manufacturers can easily assure that the bottles are free from leakage issues and can be used easily for packaging of bottles. For more information on Vacuum Leak Tester,