How to Deal with Corrosion in Pumps?

How to Deal with Corrosion in Pumps?

In the industrial sector, pumps and motors are considered being the most crucial component. These pumps had an ergonomic design and were designed using robust materials. The engineers of pumps crucially decide the durability and reliability of the pump during the selection of components. However, during the times, even after considering all the precautionary measures, certain unexpected failures still occur.

Major Cause of Sudden Pump Failures

When the failed pumps are inspected thoroughly, engineers can easily understand the reason for failure. Once the major causes behind the failure came out, strategies to rectify the same can be formulated to correct it. According to the researchers, Corrosion is the major cause which corrodes the pump and results in pump failure.

Method to Prevent Corrosion

Corrosion within the pumps can directly affect the wet surfaces of the internal components of the pumps. Therefore, it is generally or highly confined. Usually, the highly localized and affected components lead to pump failure. It is extremely significant to find a resolution to reduce down the influence of corrosion.

The manufacturers of pumps spend quality time and money in research and development of premium quality of pumps to enhance the efficiency of the pumps, its performance, and durability. Let’s have a look at different methods to prevent corrosion to extend the life of pumps.

  • Material Selection

To prevent corrosion, material selection should be the first step to consider. Corrosion can be dispensed, and the rate of deterioration can be reduced to a great extent by selecting the best material according to the usage of the pump.  For example, cast iron is low resistant to corrosion and stainless steel is the best material to avoid corrosion. To determine the corrosion resistance strength of materials, use Salt Spray Chambers.

  • Best Coating Technology

Another method used to deal with corrosion is the utilization of best coating technology. Metals are usually susceptible to corrosion. The coating works as a protective shield for metals to prevent the material from corrosion when subjected to different working environments. The quality or corrosion resistance strength of coatings can be detected by providing the coated metal substrates in a highly corrosive or salty environment to understand the behavior of the environment on the materials. This can be done using high-quality testing machines, such as salt fog chambers.

As a manufacturer, one must not overlook the causes of corrosion while buying the pumps and related equipment. We can test the quality of the equipment easily using high-quality testing machines. Presto Stantest, a renowned name in the world of testing instruments, offers high-quality testing machines to detect the quality of the different material. To check out the entire range of testing instruments.