How to Conclude the Penetration Rate of Plastic Films?

How to Conclude the Penetration Rate of Plastic Films?

Plastic Films

Use of Plastic Films in Different Industries

Plastic films are widely used to pack different types of materials such as food products, stationery materials and many more. With the wide usage of plastic films, it is necessary to test the quality of the plastic films  by evaluating the properties of the plastic films. Packaging films or plastic films are tested before supplying it to the customers to ensure the safe and durable packaging or the products and to ensure the quality of the products that are packed inside. Many companies follow the procedure of over packaging, to avoid any type of defects during transportation but it is not the right way as it enhances the cost of production and the value of the final product as well and creates a negative impact on the mind of the customers. To attain the actual cost of packaging, it is necessary to conduct a test on packaging  films, Most of the testing is done by placing films flat to ensure the quality of the materials.

Defects Found In Plastic Films

When a plastic film is converted from film to a packaging material, several defects are automatically initiated in the material during the manufacturing procedure in a several manner. These defects can cause problems in the product quality at the time of storage, warehousing, transportation or shipping because the defects that are introduced at the time of manufacturing weaken the strength of the materials and does not let the products to survive for a long period of time. Therefore, to develop the  shelf life of the products, it is necessary to enhance the quality of the products.

Impact Resistance – Best to Measure Quality of Plastic Films

The major property that explains the quality of the plastic films is Impact Resistance Strength. If the plastic film is  resistant to impact strength, then it can easily survive in harsh working conditions.  So, it is important to determine the penetration rate of the plastic films to measure the effectiveness and shelf life of the plastic films and to avoid over-packaging.

Measuring the Impact strength of a plastic material helps to calculate the molecular properties of the films which help to measure the stiffness of the packaging materials. The stiffness of the material can be determined by analysing the ability of the material to tolerate various external forces and pressure which are created by a free-falling dart. Plastic films are used for various purposes that can go through several stages of wear and tear. Therefore, distinguishing the strength of the plastic films and related material is a major concern that helps to analyse the quality of the packaging materials. The penetration resistance test on plastic film can be determined by using high-quality of Dart Impact Tester. The testing instrument offers highly accurate and repeatable test results.