How to assess the Quality Standards of Polymer using Weathering Tester?

How to assess the Quality Standards of Polymer using Weathering Tester?

How to assess the Quality Standards of Polymer using Weathering Tester?

Polymer products is a part and parcel of our daily life and activities. Hence, it is important to carry out highly standardized quality testing of polymers to understand and calculate the durability and expected a life of the polymers product. Usually, the quality assurance of polymers list a wide range of testing methods, but the most common testing machine which has to be a part of your testing lab is accelerated weathering tester. In this section, we will discuss all the testing method and the most renowned model used for the same.

Weathering test of polymers is conducted to evaluate the level of polymer degradation under extreme natural environmental conditions such as light, high temperature, humidity, moisture, etc. for a long time period.

How to conduct the test?

To perform the test, a standardized Weathering Tester is used. It is a very effective testing instrument which helps to create natural weathering conditions inside the laboratory. It is equipped with 2 or 3 lamp lights of 20W each as a source of light. The user can manually set the conditions of temperature, spray time, illumination time, etc. as per the test requirement to create a natural environment inside the chamber which initiates damage factors on the test specimen.

Testing Apparatus

Bench UV light Accelerated Weathering Tester – Touch Screen is the best testing device and renowned for delivering highly accurate results. It comprises of 6 standard panels on which 18 samples of size 150 x 70mm can be tested easily. To execute the test, the specimens are placed in the tester in the provided column on the rotating specimen rack. During the test, the sample rack revolves steadily and ensure that every sample will get the equal amount of irradiance energy that will enhance the repeatability and comparability of the test outcomes. The machine is provided with the latest touchscreen feature that offers the ease to operate. The testing machine offers highly convenient and user-friendly windows that are directly accessible and from where the user can view the test procedures easily.

In order to meet the quality assurance requirements of your customers that are related to weathering test, this machine is an ideal choice. It not only lower the maintenance cost but also helps in delivering high quality yield.