Get an IZOD/ Charpy Impact Tester to Ascertain the Impact Resistance of Plastics

Get an IZOD/ Charpy Impact Tester to Ascertain the Impact Resistance of Plastics

IZOD/ Charpy Impact Tester

Hard plastic materials have made way for themselves in the manufacturing process of various products from different industries due to their durability and affordability. These materials are used over some metals as they are cheaper and still manage to provide similar levels of resistance and durability.

However, plastic materials have different kinds of polymer bonds and therefore the mechanical & physical properties of plastic materials differ hugely from each other. A plastic raw material can be constructed as a lamination or a sheet and can also be constructed as an automobile with hard surfaces.

Due to the variability in its own properties, the material is utilized by manufacturers all across the globe in different manufacturing processes which makes the hard plastics extremely prone to impacts & accidents due to their exposure to the environment. For example, hard plastics are utilized in the interiors of cars & other automobiles to affordably enhance durability and provide premium quality at the same time.

This makes it necessary for the operators to test these hard plastics before installation in the final products against impacts to measure their impact resistance. The Presto Group offers a lab testing instrument based on the invention of two scientists Edwin Gilbert Izod & Georges Augustin Albert Charpy. The instrument is also named after these scientists – Izod/Charpy impact tester. However, the charpy testing measure is not undertaken in a lot of industries therefore the instrument is widely known as the Izod impact tester.

The instrument has a dual working mechanism based on the inventions of these two scientists which is presented by the Presto Group with a lot more precision & accuracy.

Working Module of the Izod Impact Tester

The Izod/Charpy impact tester follows different working modules under the same impacting principle as the instrument. The placement of the samples varies from each other in the Izod & Charpy impact testing modules. 

Under the Izod impact testing the sample is placed in a vertical position and under the Charpy impact testing the sample is placed in a horizontal position.

To begin with the testing, the operator has to condition the sample precisely with the help of a notch cutter provided as an additional accessory with the impact test machine. The notch cutter carves out a V-shaped 2.54 mm notch at the impact zone of the specimen to allow the impacting hammer to continue the carved notch.

After conditioning the specimen, the operator can place it on the gripper-equipped jaw of the instrument which has a rugged surface to ensure no movement of the specimen after clamping it firmly.

Once the specimen is clamped firmly, the operator can easily add the weight as per the guidelines of the designated standard or estimated sample strength over the pressure weight assembly associated with the hammer to generate the impacting energy as per the weight.

The operator can now close the magnetic door of the machine for safety purposes and move further with the test by releasing the brake pedal of the hammer. The hammer moves in a pendulum motion to impact the specimen at the notch and break the specimen into two halves.

The microprocessor-based digital display attached to the impact test machine determines the peak resistance of the specimen and also determines the energy it took to break the specimen. The results indicated on the digital display can be easily recorded by the manufacturer for further testing procedures and analysis with previous ones.

The Izod impact testing machine has different clampers for the Charpy test wherein the specimen is clamped in a horizontal position and the notch cutter also carves out the specimen accordingly.

This is how both the Charpy impact testing as well as Izod impact testing are undertaken by a manufacturer to determine the specimen’s ability to withstand rusting.

The instrument is also offered with top-quality attributes that aids the operator to reach high levels of accuracy and also conduct fast-paced testing.

Top-Quality Attributes of the Izod Impact Tester

The Izod impact testing machine is offered with a lot of high-end features that are incorporated within the instrument by manufacturers of the same to make the testing quality a notch better and expedite the testing.

The foremost feature that is encouraged by all manufacturers is a safety feature. The inculcation of the magnetic door to safeguard the operator from the breaking of the sample due to the impact with the pendulum-based hammer.

Another top-quality feature of the instrument that stands out of others is the provision of various hammer weights i.e. R1, R2, R3, R4 & R5, allowing the instrument to range from 1 Joule of energy to 21 Joules of energy.

The Izod impact testing machine is also equipped with a microprocessor-based digital display that determines the testing results to the operator. The display allows the operator to keep track of up to 9 previous readings for an easy analysis of the results obtained with previous ones.

Another top-notch feature of the instrument is the provision of the notch cutter as an additional accessory (optional to buy) that carves out a V-shaped & 2.54 mm notch for the conduction of the Izod impact testing & Charpy impact testing.  

The instrument is also equipped with feather touch controls at the control panel that enable the operator to conduct the test single-handedly and achieve accurate results with no or minimal hassles.

The rugged surface of the grippers of the instrument as depicted in the impact test machine diagram allow the operator to ensure 100% non-movement guarantee of the specimen.

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