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Evaluate Sliding Friction of Photocopy Paper

A manufacturer of photocopy paper needs to examine the reason for machine disappointment because of regular paper jams. A Coefficient of Friction (COF) test was prescribed to gauge the static and active coefficients of grating between two sheets of paper. The COF estimation is a proportion that depicts material surface unpleasantness. For instance, ice has a coefficient of rubbing close to zero since it is basically frictionless. As the COF proportion builds nearer to, the material surface harshness increments. Since no particular testing standard blueprints a strategy for testing this kind of material, ASTM D 1894 is accepted worldwide.

Coefficient of Friction Tester is a reliable apparatus to demonstrate the beginning and sliding rubbing of plastic movies and sheets while sliding over itself or other substance at indicated test condition. PRESTO Coefficient of Friction Tester is produced under different Test Standards ASTM D618, ASTM D 883, BS 2782, and ASTM D 1894. Accessible in Computerized show too.

Chip based show for precise test outcomes. Show for Dynamic and Kinetic Friction – Force. Very precise test results under sliding grating. Slider Block for performing tests – Sample to Sample, glass or metal. No slippage in the event that example is fixed consistently utilizing fly screws with no circles. Quill contact controls. Compressive power brace with solidified string screw worked.

Coefficient of rubbing uncovers the stack capacity of plastic movies. Contact could result from uneven film thickness which prompts uneven film quality. Coefficient of erosion analyzer tells about the level of manhandle a plastic film will manage without harming the substance.

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