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Evaluate Precise Value for Coefficient of Friction of Packages

The packaging material must show a predetermined measure of contact quality. It doesn’t effectively disappear from spot prompting item harm, neither should it fix on a specific stage. For checking this quality factor, top packaging makers trust Co-efficient of Friction Tester.


The testing hardware is viewed as the perfect machine for directing Coefficient of Friction Test for packaging material, for example, plastic sacks, or pockets, parcels and so forth. The machine is furnished with SS square slider, which is comprised of high-grade material and is used for pulling the example over the testing zone. The example packaging material is folded over the square and taped on the finishes. At that point the slider is pulled over a glass, metal or the packaging material itself. It relies upon the test necessity and conditions. The square is high institutionalized according to its weight and measurements. It applies as much weight on the example while pulling which is required.

For keeping an eye, on the exactness of the power application, load cell is prepared on the test zone. The heap cell deals with the connected burden and see that it ought to consistently coordinate on the example. It ought not to be the situation the one part of the material is encountering a heap and the other don’t or a less measure of grinding power. Turning screw measure permit a tight cinching of the material to be tried. As the test is identified with frictional development, it is imperative that there must not be any slippage amid the strategy. Advanced presentation screen is prepared on the analyzer to have an unmistakable and fast checking. The showcase depends on a microchip based program which guarantees exactness in the test outcomes. Operational catch are delicate to contact and are utilized to set the testing parameters.

The tester can assist the producer with estimating the static and the sliding contact of the packaging material. The structure of the machine follows ASTM D618, ASTM D 883, BS 2782, and ASTM D 1894. These principles and universally acclaimed of performing frictional testing methodology identified with quality control. The powers the example utilizes for getting hauled over the stage is shown in the advanced screen. The test can be executed as test to test or test to glass and test to metal. The format is chosen according to industry necessity and testing conditions required.

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