Efficient Enough For Materials With Effective Salt Spray Test

Ensure That Powder Coatings Are Efficient Enough For Materials With Effective Salt Spray Test

The corrosion is one of the major concerns for the materials that are subjected to the exposure to the open and corrosive environments. It is a general misconception that if a metallic component is powder coated, then there is no possibility for that product to catch corrosion which might be completely wrong. If the working environment is highly corrosive, then there are possibilities that the powder coating may fail to save the material from corrosion. No matter how better quality powder coating is applied to a material, it is essential to test the corrosion resistance of the powder coated materials using proper methods.

One of the most efficient and time-tested method to test the corrosion resistance of different materials and products. The salt spray chambers might not quantify the actual field performance of the material, but they give an exact idea of how they behave in a corrosive environment.  With salt spray test, it is not only possible to test the efficiency of the powder coating, but it also gives an analysis of corrosive resistance of the main material as well. With the help of salt spray chamber, not only corrosion through salt spray is tested but it also gives other analysis such as weathering analysis, etc.

Presto Stantest offers a wide variety of testing instruments, and salt spray chamber is one of them. The instrument offered by Presto is available in several different sizes to suit the needs of the users. It is best for testing the corrosion resistance of powder coated materials