Test Pressure Sensitive Tape with Rolling Ball Method

Test Pressure Sensitive Tape with Rolling Ball Method

Pressure Sensitive Tape

Pressure sensitive tapes with adhesive qualities can be defined as a continuous length, flexible strip with a permanent adhesive substance on one side at room temperature. It adhere to substances on application of little amount of pressure externally. Manufacturers of such tape material is keeping on increasing the adhesive qualities of the tape so that they increase their sale in their target sectors. To improve the adhesion quality it is important to keep an eye on the quality of tape with checking its adhesion with Rolling tack taster.

The testing equipment is specially engineered and is based on the principle of balling method test. The apparatus includes a test table with inclined angular drop area. A fixture knob to manage the sample clamping. And a separate fixture to control the steel ball release. Suitable for testing pressure-sensitive tapes, medical patches, adhesive labels and protection films. The steel balls used in the method strictly adheres to national standards of rolling tack test. The inclination angle is set as per standard but it can be modified as per industry requirement on request.

The spring lever installed in the machine take care of the ball release method and assure that there is minimum or zero interference of user. The ball loading has been kept very simple for user comfort and a prompt test process. It complies with international test standards such as GB/T 4852, and JIS Z0237.

The inclined angle is set at 60 degree of roll. The test area is a glass surface which is about 50 mm wide. Has an 11mm sized rolling ball. The scale range which is set aside the test area is 300 mm with 1 mm of least count value.