Quality of Plastic Packaging Containers-Vacuum Leak Tester

Ensure Best Quality of Plastic Packaging Containers with Presto’s Vacuum Leak Tester

The vacuum leak tester is an instrument that is used in the packaging industry for the purpose of testing the leakage in the packages and pouches.  The instrument operates by creating a very high level of vacuum in the desiccator which helps in detecting any sort of leakage or pinholes present in the packaging. This ensures the users that the packaging they have manufactured is free from any sort of leakage and ensure the best safety of the products present in it.

Usage of Vacuum Leak Tester

The vacuum leak test on a pouch is performed by placing the sample in a desiccator provided with the instrument. After placing the specimen, the value of the vacuum is set. After the vacuum value is set in the instrument, start test button is pressed. This creates a high-value vacuum in the desiccator which gives an analysis of the integrity of the test specimen. If there is a leakage in the package, then it will shrink or decompress, and if the specimen is completely intact with no leakage, then it will remain as it is.

Highlights of Presto’s Vacuum Leak Tester

  1. The vacuum leak tester of Presto comes with two different sizes of desiccators that allow the easy testing of big as well as a small test specimen.
  2. The analogue pressure gauge helps in visual monitoring of the vacuum created in the instrument.
  3. The preset timer can be used for accurate analysis of the test specimen.

Technical specification

  1. The sizes of the two desiccators provided with the instrument are 150 mm and 300 mm.
  2. The maximum level of vacuum that can be achieved through the instrument is 0-600 mm of Hg.
  3. The instrument offers a high accuracy of 10 mm/hg.

Standard used for Vacuum Leak Tester

The standard that is used for designing and manufacturing Presto’s Vacuum leak tester is ASTM D499. The quality testing standard covers the quality and leakage testing of empty packages to resist any type of leakage in them under high pressure exerted on them during transportation or storage.

Application of Vacuum Leak Tester in Packaging Industry

The vacuum leak tester is widely used in the packaging industries for testing the leak integrity of plastic or paper pouches that are used for packaging of different products such as wafers and food items. The instrument is helpful for the manufacturers in ensuring the best quality of products by providing the best quality of packaging.

Benefit of Presto’s Vacuum Leak Tester to the Users

The presto’s Vacuum Leak tester offers very easy operation that allows the users to ensure easy testing of the leakage in the packaging pouches and boxes. The high range of testing pressure that can be achieved by the instrument helps in testing a variety of specimen with different sizes and quality.

When the packaging of the products is thoroughly tested, then it is very easy to ensure the best safety of the products during transportation and storage so that the customers are delivered with the best quality and hygiene.