Easily Find The Preform Defects That Result In Poor Quality Of Blown Bottles

Easily Find The Preform Defects That Result In Poor Quality Of Blown Bottles

Quality Of Blown Bottles

The Pet bottles are mainly used for packaging of different products. The PET bottles are used for packaging due to their outstanding properties. The PET bottles are stronger, safer and are economical for the producer to package their products in them. Additionally, they are available in a different shapes and sizes which help the manufacturers in easy branding of their products too. The products that are usually packaged in the PET bottles include medicines, food beverages, chemicals and so forth. The quality of PET bottles used for these products must be of good quality and strength so that the products remain safe during storage and transportation.

The manufacturers need to test the quality of the PET bottle for best quality assurance to the clients. They also need to check the properties of the preforms to detect any flaws and quality defects in them. The preforms are the base of blown PET bottles and hence it is essential to test the quality of the preforms to provide best quality PET bottles to the clients.

Polariscope strain viewer is a major testing instrument that helps in detecting the Preform defects that effect in poor quality of blown bottles such as water flash marks, air bubble, crystallization, strain distribution and so forth. With the help this testing equipment, the manufacturers can easily detect the defective preforms and discard them to avoid rejection after blowing process.

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