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Determine The Ease Of Flow Of Granules

Plastics are used in large number of applications mainly to fulfill the requirement of packaging. These are used in the form of PET bottles, plastic containers, cans, pouches, etc., in PET& perform industries, pharmaceutical industries, food and beverage industries to fill liquids whether soft drink or any type of chemical. Plastics are non-reactive to any liquid or chemical hence are widely used in pharmaceutical industries to store chemicals and medicines. To ensure the safety of the products which are stored in Pet & Preform Industries, it is mandatory to test the quality of the plastics. To test the quality of plastics, it is necessary to test the melt flow rate of the plastic granules through which Pet and performs are prepared. The MFR of plastic granules helps to explain the viscosity of the plastics.

The viscosity or the melt flow rate or melt flow volume of plastic granules can be determined accurately with the help of a testing instrument known as Melt Flow Index tester. The instrument is widely used in PET & Preform industry and Plastic industry to test the quality of the granules or resins before starting the manufacturing process. The higher the MFR of the plastic, simpler will be its molecular structure and lower the MFR of the plastics, more complex will be its molecular structure.


Presto Stantest offers two models of Melt Flow Index Tester namely, deluxe model and next generation Model. All the instruments offered by Presto strictly adhere to various national and international standard test methods. The instrument offers highly accurate and reliable test results.

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