Determine exact cof of packaging materials-coefficient of friction

Determine Exact COF Of Packaging Materials With Coefficient Of Friction Tester

Measuring the coefficient of friction is the major attribute of the packaging products. It helps to determine the amount of friction that provided to the material to measure the changes that occur in the state of motion. The wrong evaluation of coefficient of friction leads to numerous safety problems that affect the quality of the product as well at the time of storage, warehousing and transportation. The coefficient of friction test helps to measure that how much force is required to move a material from one place to another. It also helps the manufacturers to evaluate the stacking strength of the corrugated boxes. The coefficient of friction tester is the best and highly effective testing machine which is used in packaging industries to measure the friction property of the materials.

How the Quality of the Packaging is affected due to Friction Force?

The additives that are used in the manufacturing industries that usually comes from the top surfaces causes blooming. This changes the coefficient of friction of the material. As the blooming due to the additive is not perfect, it will amend the coefficient of friction that is different from other materials also.

High-Quality of COF Tester by Presto

Are you looking for the best quality of coefficient of friction tester, Presto Stantest is the leading supplier, manufacturer, and exporter of the testing machine. The testing instrument is provided in two models i.e. dynamic model and computerized cum digital model. The testing instrument produces an actual working condition of friction that is faced by the packaging materials or plastic films at the time of usage. The testing machine offers highly effective and accurate test results. The testing equipment is designed efficiently by the highly skilled technocrats keeping in mind the standards that are introduced by recognized standardization authorities.