Box bursting strength tester-essential for paper & packaging industries

Corrugated Box Bursting Strength Tester – Essential For Paper & Packaging Industries

Corrugated boxes are common in packaging or delivering the products.  Bursting factor, compressibility, hardness and tearing resistance are important factors to know the quality and strength of a box. These factors determine the durability and shelf life of packaging products. The quality of these boxes is important to protect the product inside because before delivering the product to the customers you cannot imagine the climatic conditions. The packages could be affected by the bad weather or under overloaded conditions. Corrugated boxes could be damaged if overloaded during transportation and can cause damage to the product which is kept inside. Overload of boxes is the main reason of damage. How could you save the product? Where is the fault? The answer to all your questions is Bursting Strength Tester.

Bursting Strength Tester Finds the Right Product for You


The highly reliable and standardized Corrugated Box Bursting Strength Tester is manufactured by Presto for testing the strength of the raw material. Besides corrugated box, the instrument can test the paper boards, solid fiber boards single layers and multilayered boards.  The machine is a boon for paper and packaging industries as the manufacturers can determine the exact value of weight that a box can tolerate to its maximum. The value of bursting strength determines the quality of the material.

Presto offers the best quality of Corrugated Box Bursting Strength Tester, which is highly effective to measure the bursting strength of corrugated boxes. Presto designed and manufactured the Bursting Strength Tester for Indonesia. Presto always considers all the national and international standards.