Use And Applications Of Laboratory Heat Sealer

Use And Applications Of Laboratory Heat Sealer

Use of Laboratory Heat Sealer

Heat Sealers are used to join two products out of which one is a thermoplastic film which is used in different applications such as packaging, medical, pharmaceutical and many more.

  • Consumer Electronic Products– Electronic goods are sealed to protect the quality of the electronic goods from external factors  using thermal adhesives such as clear display screen on the consumer electronic products. Sealing is also done on other sealed thermoplastic assemblies or devices where ultrasonic welding is not a good option due to assembly considerations.
  • For Sealing Blood Test Films or Test Strips – Heat Sealers are also used in the manufacturing of the test strip devices and other blood test films that are used widely in the field of medical science.
  • Bioengineering – Bioengineering is also an important application of Heat Sealers. The packaging products that are used in food industries are made up of thermoplastic films, laminates, foils, heat sealer is used in food processing industries to seal the packets of food products efficiently to ensure the hygiene and freshness of the product.

Types of Heat Sealers

Numerous types of Laboratory Heat Sealer are used to fulfill the requirement for different purposes. Some are mentioned here:

  • Continuous or Band Type Heat Sealer – These are assembled with the moving belts over the heating elements.
  • Hot Bar Sealer – These sealers are equipped with heated bars, irons, dies, etc. The temperatures of the bars in these sealers are maintained at a constant temperature which efficiently contacts with the material to create a strong bond between two substrates. The bars that are assembled in the hot bar sealers have different configurations that are delivered to the customers as per their application’s requirement.
  • Laboratory Heat Sealer – The testing instruments is used to seal the pouches, plastic bags, sachets that are used in packaging industries.  The apparatus is used to ensure the intactness or band of the plastic bags and other packaging bags that are used to pack different consumable as well as non-consumable goods.