Standard for determining resistance of snap fasteners unsnapping

ASTM D4846 – Standard for Determining Resistance of Snap Fasteners to Unsnapping

 Determining Resistance of Snap Fasteners to Unsnapping

Summary of ASTM D4846

The ASTM D4846 – 96(2011) is an active standard test method, reapproved in the Year 2016, is used for commercial shipment testing of snap fasteners. The test method helps to determine the force required to disengage the fasteners that are attached to the garments and clothes. The method sets the correlation to wear conditions and helps to compare the quality of snap fasteners that are used in different brands. The ASTM D4846 standard test method requires CRE (constant rate of Extension) type testing machine.

Presto’s Snap Button Pullout Tester Complies with ASTM D4846 Standard


Snap Button Pullout Tester is used to measure the uniform force applied to the snap attachment. The appropriate force is registered on the machine and the period of time is set by stop clock. Snaps must be properly applied to all garments to prevent separation between the snap and the garment. The loose snap can be swallowed by the kids and could invite the dangerous situations. The test procedure includes a uniform force required to pull a snap attachment that is perpendicular to the garment. The testing procedure helps to compare different brands and types of snap fasteners. The test procedure sets the correlation to wear conditions.

Technical Specifications of Snap Button Pullout Tester – Analogue 

  • Instrument Capacity – 20 Kgf.
  • Display: Analogue
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1% within entire range.
  • Least Count: 0.2 Kg
  • Dial Divisions: 150 Divisions
  • Stroke: 10mm