Ascertaining the Edge Strength of Corrugated Sheets with the Edge Crush Tester

Ascertaining the Edge Strength of Corrugated Sheets with the Edge Crush Tester

Edge Crush Tester

Product packaging from the rigid packaging industry is the prime choice for product & item manufacturers all across the globe. The manufacturer ensures that the product quality should not be compromised due to average or below-average packaging materials, which makes it necessary for manufacturers of the rigid packaging industry to provide a highly durable material for the final stage production of the corrugated boxes or cartons.

The manufacturers might face hefty losses in case of testing the product at the later stages i.e. after the mass production. To avoid such a circumstance, it becomes vital for the manufacturer to conduct tests at the initial stages where the corrugated boxes are in their preform stage i.e. the corrugated sheets.  If the durability of these corrugated sheets remains intact, the durability standards of the corrugated boxes will naturally elevate.

To conduct testing in the initial stages, the presto group has offered a lab testing instrument known as the edge crush tester that determines the quality of corrugated sheets by testing them from different angles against crushing force.

The instrument is designed with high-class testing measures as it performs the test into three different terminologies to attain highly accurate test results over & over again.

The Testing Mechanism of the Edge Crush Tester

The edge crush tester is designed with highly advanced engineering levels, allowing the instrument to achieve maximum levels of accuracy and thus provide a sense of assurance in the minds of the manufacturers from the entire packaging industry.

The instrument conducts the test in three different modes to fully achieve the outcome with accuracy, these testing methodologies are:

1.    Ring Crush Test

2.    Flat Crush Test

3.    Edge Crush Test

The three tests differ from each other as per their conditioning as well as their positioning. However, the testing mechanism of the instrument remains the same.

To initiate the testing process, the first & foremost step is to determine the correct gripper for the designated testing method. In the ring crush test, the specimen is placed on a circular edge of the gripper as per the carving of the gripper; in the flat crush test the specimen is just placed between the two clampers, and in the edge crush test, the corrugated sheet is placed in such a way that the edge of the sheet faces the compression plate. 

The operator must make sure that the placement of the specimen has been precise and that the specimen is also clamped firmly.

Once the positioning of the specimen is ensured, the operator can simply begin the movement of the compression plate with the help of the feather touch controls associated with the control panel of the edge crush tester.

The edge crush tester formula of precise testing is in compliance with designated standards as the compression plate situated on top of the specimen moves downward at the specimen at a speed of 12.5 mm. The downward movement of the compression plate exerts pressure on the specimen, forcing the specimen to deflect from its original state after withstanding the maximum load as per its own durability levels.

The results of the test are determined on the microprocessor-based digital display of the instrument as load & deflection. The results can be recorded with ease by the operator and can also be stored in the instrument’s memory due to the memory hold feature.

This is how the edge crush tester formula for achieving the highest accuracy in determining the edge strength of corrugated sheets is achieved with minimal human effort & hassle. The testing is conducted with such precision due to some of the advanced attributes imbibed within the edge crush tester.

Highly Advanced Attributes of the Edge Crush Tester

The edge crush tester manufacturer has ensured that the instrument is enriched with cutting-edge technology which urged them to incorporate top-notch features in the construction of the instrument.

The most prominent feature of the lab testing instrument is its ability to conduct testing into three different methodologies i.e. the ring crush test, the flat crush test & the edge crush test; allowing the operator to achieve maximum precision and also assisting the operator to conduct expedited testing with a single instrument which makes it a one-stop solution for assessing the corrugated sheet’s quality.

The instrument is equipped with a microprocessor-based digital display that determines the results with maximum accuracy and also depicts both deflections as well as the maximum load that the specimen could bear before the deflection from its original state.

The feather touch controls associated with the control panel streamline the testing process by making it a lot more seamless and enhancing the single-handed testing ability of the instrument.

The instrument is equipped with a robust construction as it is made with a mix of stainless & mild steel that is coated with powder paint that consists of 7 layers in total, forming a protective shield against rusting as well as corrosion.

The instrument also offers strong & firm gripping clamps with a carved-out surface for different testing methods that ensure no slippage guarantee of the specimen during the course of testing to ensure accuracy-driven outcomes.

The instrument is offered with different models that provide features like the edge crush test chart and variable load cell capacities as per the compliance of standards as well as the requirements of the consumer.

The inculcation of these high-end attributes ensures smooth & seamless working of the test by minimizing hassle & human effort as well.

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